Class Info & Rules


YES! We allow make-up classes!

If your child misses their regularly scheduled class, they may attend another existing class, space permitting, at their same level to make up for the absence. If you wish to schedule a make-up, please contact the office and we will schedule your make-up as soon as conveniently possible for you, within an existing class.

Private and Semi-Private Classes: Our coaches are happy to offer their time for private and semi-private classes. Time slots must be arranged with individual coaches in 1-hour and 1/2-hour time slots. Payment is due at the time of scheduling. Please be advised that coaches block their time for these classes and are unable to schedule additional classes during agreed upon times. These fees are, therefore, non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Fees are established by the individual coach and are made payable to the coach.

Class Ratios: Class ratios are 8:1. There are exceptions to that ratio within the preschool classes, which vary, based on the age group and skill level of the classes. Mom & Me classes have an 8:1 ratio, 3&4 year old classes have a 6:1 ratio and 4&5 year old classes have an 8:1 ratio. Recreational level classes will be held to the 8:1 ratio.

Team classes may also have slightly different ratios. As the children mature and become more proficient at remaining on-task individually, it is possible for a team coach to assist a class at a 10:1 ratio. Compulsory levels of team will remain as close to the 8:1 ratio as possible, and the coaching staff will continuously assess the need for additional staffing.

Class Attire: The suggested class-attire for girls is a leotard and briefs (age 9 and up) and bare feet. Long hair MUST be safely tied back to remain out of the face. No jewelry should be worn to class. Boys should wear gym shorts and tee shirts. We ask that children who wear shorts avoid shorts with pockets, zippers or snaps (pull-on shorts only). During cold weather, the children may wear warm-ups over their leotards or shorts. Fingernails must be kept trimmed for the safety of our gymnasts and coaches. We encourage the use of good hygiene, including antiperspirant for children entering puberty.

We do require the children to have their bodies covered.  We do not allow shorts and sports bras our gym.