Membership & Payment

Payment policy: We offer classes on a monthly schedule.  Our yearly schedule closely follows the B.I.S.D. and T.I.S.D. school schedules.  Some months will include more than 4 class weeks.  Some months will include fewer than 4 class weeks.  The same tuition will apply to all months

Membership Fee is $25.00 per year per child, which will remain in effect as long as your child maintains continuous participation.  If, you choose to drop at any time, and then decide to re-enroll, the registration fee will be required again upon registration.

Tuition is per month by # of class hours per week:

$65.00 for 1-hour classes
$115.00 for 2 hour classes
$125.00 for 4 hour classes
$140.00 for 5 hour classes
$165.00 for 6 hour classes
$180.00 for 7 hour classes
$200.00 for 8 hour classes
$220.00 for 9 hour classes
$245.00 for 10 hour classes
$280.00 for 12 hour classes
$320.00 for 16 hour classes

Family discount applies to each additional sibling who is enrolled in our program. There is a $5.00 discount on their monthly tuition. If your child is enrolled in more than one 1-hour class, the cost for each additional class will be discounted to $55.00.
The deadline for tuition payments is the 10th of each month, after which a $15.00 late fee will be assessed. If you decide to drop from gymnastics, please notify us before the first of the month to avoid any additional charges to your account. There will be a $25.00 charge for returned checks. All checks should be made payable to Heart of Texas Gymnastics.

Please Note:  We do not currently accept credit or debit cards.  Payments may be made by check, cash or money order.